Water Tank Level Sensors

Water Level Sensors For Water Tanks

If you are searching for “water tank level sensors”, “water tank sensors”, “float switches for water tanks”, “level sensor for water tank”, “water level sensors for water tanks”, or “water tank level switch”, Water Level Controls can help! Water Level Controls offers replacement float switches, level sensors, or level controllers for your water tank level control system. View our water level sensor, float switches, and level control products below. WATER TANK LEVEL SENSOR PRODUCTS LISTED BELOW. 

Floatless Water Tank Level Sensors

Never replace float switches again with our CheckPoint™ floatless level sensors for water tanks! We offer the only Solid-state float switch replacement in the industry that actually doesn’t use float switches, it uses stainless steel rods to prevent from plating, fouling and deteriorating like most float switches do. Also, there are no moving parts and all of the electronics are built into the head. The is a float switch alternative that works in any water storage tank where traditional foat switches are used. It can be powered by 5, 12, and 24 Volt DC. CheckPoint™ is the longest lasting and lowest cost water tank level sensor on the market!

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Water Level Controllers

Side Mount Single Point Level Switches

Our side mount single point level switches for water tanks work in any water environment where float switches or other level controls are used. It can be mounted externally or internally in a water storage tank. Can be used as a high alarm or low alarm for water. It uses the same never fouling, plating, or deteriorating technology and sensing technology as the CheckPoint™ product.

Benefits: Easy To Use, Compact, Reliable and works in any water environment.

Side Mount Single Point Level Switch

Hanging Water Level Sensors

Hanging water level sensors are beneficial when there isn’t enough head clearance to allow for sensor rod control types. Sensors are secured with a compression fitting to make sure it stays at correct levels and is color-coded to be able to easily identify all the way to the control panel.

The hanging sensor is sold as a kit and the terminal block is also color coded for easy installation and encased in a NEMA4 enclosure.

Hanging Sensors

Conductivity Level Sensors for Water Tanks

Conductivity sensors sold by most level control manufacturers use electricity to pass through rods to initiate your automatic drain or pump sequences. Our conductivity sensors, on the other hand, do not use electricity to pass through the rods, rather, each rod is its own sensing mechanism and doesn’t rely on the other rods for information. Also, electricity passing through sensor rods leads to founding, plating and deteriorating of your float switches or level sensors. Since our controls don’t use electricity, there are able to withstand a lifetime of use without ever fouling, plating or deteriorating. This saves money from having to replace float switches every 3-5 years. Never replace float switches or conductivity sensors again with our CheckPoint™ product. We Guarantee It!

Conductivity Sensors | Manufacturers

Float Switches For Water Tanks


Our vertical float switch replacements provide the best reliability and flexibility for detecting water levels in a storage tank, regardless of the application. If needed, we can also recommend other compatible switches from different manufacturers that will work with our Nina Series Controller.

Physical probes work great in conductive liquids such as water because the stainless steel probes don’t foul, plate or deteriorate, no matter how poor the water quality is. Having steel probes in water tanks takes away the need to put mechanical parts in there, this is a tank maintenance issue that is solved with our stainless steel float switch probes.

Float Switches

Cooling Tower Water Tank Level Controls

Our cooling tower tank level sensors have no moving parts and all of the electronics are built into the head. These sensors can be used anywhere you are currently using float switches or other water level sensors. They will work in any water storage tank environment. Never replace a water level sensor again with our revolutionary CheckPoint™™ controller. We have a complete line of cooling tower water tank level sensors, level detectors, and float switches for cooling tower applications.

If you are a Reseller, OEM, Sales Organization or Distributor, we would like to have a discussion about determining special SPA pricing for your organization, please call  1 (866) 243-2505.

Cooling Tower Water Level Controls & Sensors

Electronic Float Switches For Water Tank

An electronic water level controller can automatically control the water level inside a water tank. Our electronic float switches use stainless steel sensors to check the water level to find out if it is too high or too low. The sensors send a signal back to a monitoring device that uses LED light indicators that turn off and on after low or high water level signals are processed. Once those signals are processed, our control panels can be programmed to automatically turn on and off water pumps. If the sensor reads that the water levels are too high, the controller can be set to pump the water out of the tank. If the water is too low, the controller can be set to fill up the tank. Read more about how water level controls work here.

Electronic Water Level Controllers

Spark Plug Water Tank Sensors

Our spark plug sensors work in any water environment where traditional float switches are used. It’s made out of stainless steel to prevent fouling and deteriorating. The body of the spark plug sensor is used as a reference for the sensor and stainless steel rod is used as the setpoint for this controller. We can make the stainless probes in any length due to the 1/4-20 thread that allows for extension rods.

Spark Plugs

PVC Water Tank Sensors

Our PVC sensors are alternatives to electronic float switches and use no moving parts. They work in any water environment where you would use float switches. It’s press in plug and presses into its respective spell styled coupler. You get 50ft of wire to start and the rods are threaded so you can add additional extensions to customize it for your specific water tank application needs.

PVC Sensors

Buy High Quality Water Tank Level Sensors

Water Level Controls offers the highest quality water level sensors for water tanks in the industry. Give us a call today at 1 (866) 243-2505 for custom orders or for more questions about our revolutionary water level controls.