Electronic Sump Pump Switch

Most Reliable Electronic Sump Pump Switch


If you are searching for “Electronic Sump Pump Switch” or “most reliable sump pump switch” Water Level Controls can help! Furthermore, WaterLevelControls.Com offers the most affordable and reliable electronic sump pump switches money can buy.

Checkpoint Water Level Sensors ELIMINATE the need for unreliable technology like pressure transducers, float switches and ultrasound sensors. NO MORE MOVING PARTS IN WATER means NO MORE PROBLEMS.  Checkpoint runs on 5,12, or 24vdc and easily INTEGRATES with a PLC and SCADA SYSTEMS.

Advantages Of Our Electronic Sump Pump Switches

Can Be Used For Dewatering or Pump Down Applications

Dewatering is simply a term used for pump down or removing water from a tank or body of water.  To dewater can mean to turn on a pump to remove water or to open a valve to drain a tank. Our electronic sump pump switches can be used for residential or commercial sumps & lift stations.

Replacement Sump Pump Float Switches

Use our water level controls to replace your failed or stuck sump pump float switches.

No Moving Parts

Our water level control contain no moving parts except for the relays that are used in the control panel to operate the pump. All electronics are located in the head of the switch. Water Level Controls float switches easily integrate with SCADA by using dry contacts and serves as a permanent and complete replacement for sump pump float switches.

Revolutionary Water Level Sensors

We have designed a REVOLUTIONARY water level sensor with an INTEGRATED MICROPROCESSOR that RELIABLY MAINTAINS PROPER WATER LEVELS in your system.  Checkpoint(tm) stainless steel sensor rods do not foul, degrade or plate because of our UNIQUE water level monitoring system.

Look to  Checkpoint when old water level management is CRITICAL to the operation of your Customers system and your reputation. Checkpointscan be trusted to operate accurately over the long term for Duplex Pump Down systems and many other applications.

There is a Checkpoint™ sensor to meet ALL water level management needs.  Please contact us today about your needs so we can match you with the right product. 1-866-243-2505 or sales@waterlevelcontrols.com

What Is a Sump Pump Float Switch?

A sump pump float switch is a switch that turns on and off your sump pump in response water levels rising or dropping in a sump tank or pit. The float rises and the water level rises. When the water gets to a predetermined point, the switch closes and turns the pump on, draining the sump pit. When the water level drop below a predetermined point the switch will open and then turns the pump off. This cycle is repeated over and over again during the lifetime of your switch.

The Problem With Most Float Switches

The problem with most float switches is that they fail due to rusting, fouling and deteriorating. Most float switches need to be replaced every 3 years. We WaterLevelControls.Com found something wrong with that equation and decided to develop Checkpoint water level sensors. A revolutionary replacement for float switches that uses stainless steel sensor rods to prevent rusting, fouling and deterioration so you only have to replace your float switches every 15 years.

Why Choose Checkpoint Sump Pump Switches?

Checkpoint systems meet the needs of any application for pump down or dewatering application, depending on the Control Panel model chosen for an application.

  • Any dewatering or pump down applications
  • All electronics located in the head
  • Can be used as alarm start stop or pump start stop
  • Pumping solids up to 2″ in diamete
  • Stainless steel probes that never plate, foul or deteriorate
  • Automatic control liquid and water levels
  • Can replace nearly any float switch on the market
  • Our water level controls provide flexibility and reliability for detecting and pumping water in a tank, regardless of the application
  • 15 year duty cycle on average with a 1% failure rate
  • Can be used for alarms, indicators and other types of devices
  • Can make custom sensors specifically for your application
  • We can work closely with your team to develop ultra fast sump pump sensor prototypes

Shop Checkpoint™ Float Switches Below Or Give Us A Call

Shop our product list of sump pump & lift station float switches below, give us a call today for questions or get custom ordering at 1-866-243-2505. See how much money you can save with Maintenance Repair Overhaul purchases! sales@waterlevelcontrols.com

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