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Float Switches

Our vertical float switches provide the best flexibility and reliability for detective liquid levels such as oil and gas, or other water levels within a tank, regardless of the application.

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Our float switches provide the best flexibility and reliability for detecting liquid levels such as oil and gas or water levels within a tank, regardless of the application. If needed, we can recommend compatible switches from other manufacturers that work with the Nina series controller.

Our float switches are essentially floatless water level controls.

Physical probes work great in conductive liquids because stainless steel probes don’t plate, foul, or deteriorate, no matter how bad the water quality. Having probes in the water takes away the need to put mechanical parts in it, this is a maintenance issue that can be solved with Water Level Control’s probes.

Sewage Tank Float Switches

Pluming professional as well as engineers can manage effluent and wastewater levels better than ever before with our revolutionary designed float switches for sewage tanks and sump pumps.

Lift Station Float Switches

Detection and sensing of many types of liquid. Can be used for alarms, pumps, indicators and other types of devices. Never replace your lift or pump station float switches again with our revolutionary lift station float switches.

Sump Pump Float Switches

Can Be Used For Dewatering or Pump Down Applications. Dewatering is simply a term used for pump down or removing water from a tank or body of water.  To dewater can mean to turn on a pump to remove water or to open a valve to drain a tank. Our electronic sump pump switches can be used for residential or commercial sumps & lift stations.

Potable Water Float Switches

We offer the most reliable and affordable potable water level control systems on the market. Even our competitors are selling our controls! Learn more about our revolutionary float switches and water level controls below.

Coolant & Diesel Vertical Float Switches

Although, originally designed to be used in water applications, we sometimes get requests for electronic liquid level controllers for coolant or diesel liquids. Instead of using probes for this application we suggest using electronic float switches.

Regardless of the sensing technology  your choose (physical probes or float switches) bringing back the level indication to a central location is what we do.

The Nina controller can be used with single float switches or vertical float switches.

Vertical Float Switches

We’ve developed vertical magnetic reed float switches that connect directly in to our controllers. The vertical float switch has a color coded wire making the installation accurate, fast and easy. Vertical float switches can be customized to contain many magnetic reed switches at different heights to performed similar factions of any WLC sensor, and can be built to custom lengths.

These float switches are made out of stainless steel to minimize issues in liquid.

Custom Float Switches For Any Application

Custom made vertical float switches take a couple days to make so call us at 1-866-243-2505 for lead times. Need Oil & Fuel Level Switches & Sensors? Click here.