Float Switches For Sewage Pumps

Float Switches For Sewage Pumps

Are you searching for “Float Switches For Sewage Pumps” while looking for replacement float switches for your industrial sewage pumps?  If so, look no further than Water Level Controls for all of your float switch and water level detection needs.

Pluming professional as well as engineers can manage effluent and wastewater levels better than ever before with our revolutionary designed float switches for sewage and sump pumps.

Sewage Pump Float Switch Benefits

Take a look at all of the features our high quality Sewage Pump Float Switches provide.

  • Sensing & Detection of many different types of sewage
  • Used for pumps, alarms, indicators and other types of devices
  • The only solid-state, all electric sewage pump switch with no moving parts
  • Never replace your sewage pump float switches again with our switches
  • Never plate, deteriorate, or foul over its working life unlike other stainless steel float switches
  • Eliminates switch failure in sewage and sump pits, wet wells, lift stations, pump stations and underground vaults
  • Won’t become contaminated by suspended solids or effluents
  • Outperforms and Outlasts mechanical float switches
  • Simple to install and lasts a lifetime
  • 1 Year Warranty & Compare price point
  • Set it & forget it

Ultra Fast Sewage Switch Prototypes – Mass Reproduction

Need a custom designed float switch replicated over and over again? Count on Water Level Controls to produce fast prototypes when deadlines are headed your way.

Our engineers work closely with our manufacturing team to shorten production times for mass prototype production. Most of the time, we can build a prototype on-site within weeks and definitely sooner than our other competitors.

We can either start with your own drawings or use our own. Water Level Controls engineers can offer troubleshooting and modeling to fix component issues before mass prototype production.

Why Choose Our Float Switches

  • Customized– Our sewage pump float switches can be custom designed for your specific sewage application. Don’t need low or high level alarms and would rather view your levels as percentages? We can custom build your float switches to show when your sewage tank is 20%, 40%, 60%, 80%, and 100% full and more. Give us a call today to talk about custom sewage pump float switches.
  • Power Options: Our switches offer multiple power options including 24vds, 12vdc, 5vdc
  • Reliability– Water Level Control’s float switches are manufactured using stainless steel so they won’t ever rust, foul, or deteriorate like other float switches do. They can also endure the rugged environment from sewage tanks.
  • Built With Quality– We know that failure of float switches mean downtime for you and your customers. Count on Water Level Controls to deliver a quality float switch to keep your operations running smoothly.
  • Solutions For Every Application– Water Level Controls provides a variety of float switches for any sewage tank, life station or sump pump requirement. Need float switches to handle extreme pressure or heat applications, we can do that too!
  • Knowledgeable Technical Support– Our network of technical support representatives can help you customize, troubleshoot and design float switches for your sewage tank or sump pump application.

Sewage Float Switch Applications

Our sewage pump float switches work for many applications and can be used in the following situations including:

  • Pumping sewage from one location to the next
  • Replaces mechanical float switches used to actuate sewage or sump pumps
  • Simplex or duplex pump down systems with high alarms
  • Pumping solids up to 2″ in diameter
  • Detect liquid levels within sewage tanks
  • Automatic control of sewage, sump water and nonpotable applications
  • Can be used for alarms, indicators and other types of devices

Shop Float Switches Below Or Give Us A Call

Shop our product list of sewage float switches below or give us a call today for questions or custom ordering at  1-866-243-2505. See how much money you can save with Maintenance Repair Overhaul purchases!

  • Cooling Tower Float Switches

    CP16 – PUMP DOWN WITH HIGH ALARM – Sewage Pumps

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  • Cooling Tower Level Control


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