The Nina liquid level controller can be connected to any sensing method including: Float Switches, Pressure Switches, and Physical probes of all different types of material.

Nina an be set to control 1 to 6 switch points in a single head, making the old “Float Tree” obsolete.

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WaterLevelControls is happy to announce NINA, the new water/liquid level controller that will revolutionize the way we manage water and liquid levels forever!

The NINA controller works with any type of float switch including: tethered float switches, electro-mechanical float switches, vertical float switches, and pressure switches (with open or close dry contacts).

NINA has the capability of controlling up to 4 set point relays.

However, physical sensor probes are preferred because the are low to no maintenance and trouble-free. We offer the NINA series product separately so you can still purchase the same floats from your favorite distributors.

We offer three different solid state sensor assemblies including: spark plug sensor, threaded stainless steel sensors for pressurized environments with high temperatures, and PVC sensors for non-pressurized liquid environments. Our stainless steel rods never foul, plate or deteriorate due to water quality or any other reasons.


The NINA Liquid Level Control benefits include the following!

  • Small and compact
  • Works with any type of float switch
  • Low Maintenance & Trouble Free
  • Can be used in any OEM control systems that requires liquid level management
  • Can be installed in 508A panels
  • Can be connected to any sensing method
  • 20 different ways to control or monitor liquid levels pumping up or down
  • Can be shipped with custom factory settings specific for your liquid level control needs
  • No degradation
  • No fouling
  • No plating on probes


The Nina Controller requires a power source for powering the relay coils and the sensing system its intended to drive. You can use the same power source you are currently using or a separate power source depending on your specific application. The Control portion of the Nina system draws .05amps at 24vac max and the outputs of the relay driver are rated for .5Amps at 24vac or 24vdc max, so you could potentially use less power on the output relay coils. The entire Nina unit is designed to prevent electrical surges from affecting performance or reliability. The Nina is compact, easy installation and has LEDS for monitoring performances it carries out. Built in contacts and LEDS to let you know if the NINA ever loses power or if a sensors fouls. Mountable DIN Rail or can mount to the cabinet with 2 screws. The Nina product is can be connected to any type of sensor (pressure switches, float switches, or physical probes) for almost any application. Due to the way Nina sensing method works, there will never be any type of degrading, plating, or fouling on the probes from electricity or poor water quality. You can use any type of manufacturer sensing probes or use the 1 of the 3 different sensing probes we offer. The Nina product has been through a 15 year life cycle test and passed with flying colors. That’s why our Nina product comes with a 5 Year Limited Warranty.

The Nina Controller looks like other controllers you may have seen in the past but our product is revolutionary in design. The Nina is perfect for any application where water or liquid level management is key. The Nina has undergone extensive life tests to simulate a 15 year life-cycle and has passed with flying colors. The Nina controller uses a microprocessor to monitor all of the probes for correct operation and provide corresponding outputs to drive the contacts. These dry contact can use the same power used to operate the Nina, or a secondary source of power depending on the electricity requirements of the relay coils driven. The Nina Controller uses very low current and voltage so the probes never plate, foul, or deteriorate due to its solid state sensors. The Nina controller has 20 different configurations to control and monitor liquid levels moving down or up in an environment. See brochure for full list of configurations. These configurations can be shipped with factory programming that’s specific to your liquid level control needs.

The DIN Rail mounted 24 cubic inch smaller version of the Nina can run 4 different switching relays and monitor 6 probe set points. The Nina comes standard with LED lights to tell you which switches are active/inactive making this product user friendly and east to evaluate and test. The Nina operates under 24VDC or 24VAC and comes factory set for your specific order. Give us a call when placing your order 888-905-1892.


508a Panel Shops – Now there is a liquid level control system you use for any custom cabinet project or to use for your customers. It’s the best and latest technology around. Water Level Controls provides the liquid controls which used with nearly any sensor type or sensor manufacturer or your choice. Multiple probe assemblies and float switch types are accepted and compatible with the Nina controller. The liquid level controls are made to drive relay coils either 24vdc or 24vac with all different contractor sizes, which means this product can control large and small pumps and valves as needed for any application.

OEM Control Systems – The flexibility and ease of this controller makes the Nina liquid level control integrate well in to any manufacturing process or control system that requires liquid or water level management. Pump down or pump up systems can use this controller as well. If you have any questions, contact us at 1-866-243-2505 or 1-480-629-8223 (Non-US).


No more worries! All of our controls are Built to Last with a Lifetime Warranty!