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A Revolutionary Design with No Float Switches & No Moving Parts.

WATER LEVEL CONTROL PRODUCTS LISTED BELOW. Never replace your float switches again with our new Checkpoint water level control! The only Solid-state all Electronic Float switch with no float switches, no moving parts and all electronic built into the head. This is a float switch replacement/alternative that works in any water environment where traditional float switches are used, and runs on 5, 12, and 24 Volt DC. The CheckPoint product is the lowest cost and longest lasting water level controller in the industry for any water level management application. We offer simplex and duplex water level controls.

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The CheckPoint™ Water level controller works with any Program Logic Control, DC power supply, or you can direct connect to an Automation Control. CheckPoint™ is a liquid level controller/sensor combination that comes preset and can operate up to 4 set points depending your specific configuration needs. Scroll below this content to view our water level control products.

The CheckPoint™ product is the lowest cost water level controller for any type of water level management application.

Benefits of CheckPoint™ Water Level Controls:

  • Replace Float Switches For Life
  • Comparable Price Point
  • Set & Forget
  • Automatic
  • Cost Effective
  • Low Space
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Never foul, deteriorate, or plate over it’s life span like other stainless steel probe systems

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Additional Details:

You will find additional details about the CheckPoint™ product below including: Installation guide, Pre-set functions, and the CheckPoint™ approval sheet. Download the .pdf’s and send them back to us at sales@waterlevelcontrols.com.


The CheckPoint™ water level controller is meant to be used with a Program Logic Control system. It’s meant to completely replace your float switches or other water level controls for life. The user can see without using a voltmeter. The output interfaces are finished when the unit is installed in a PLC, directly into the (BMS) building management system, or in a 24 volt or less DC power supply. CheckPoint comes ready with pre-set firmware operating a microprocessor that monitors all of the different probe sequences for proper operation and also provides output indication to the PLC.


CheckPoint™ works for any application where you currently use float switches. CheckPoint™ is meant to replace float switches for life. Tired of replacing your float switches every 3 years – well, our product solves that problem for good. Also, the price point is comparable to the cost of float switches but the reliability of the CheckPoint™ product will be much longer.

Stainless Steel Rods for long lasting durability

All of CheckPoint’s sensor rods are coded with colors to make them easy to assemble and understand. The rod colors correspond to the output. Rod lengths come in a variety of lengths. You can also add length buy purchasing an extension kit or cut the rods to length in the field. The sensor on the CheckPoint™ is a 3″ PVC plug that can fit into a 3″ slip coupler for easy installation and mounting. Cord lengths come in 5′ but you can order custom lengths.


We can set CheckPoint™ with different output and input voltages for almost any application including 24vds, 12vdc, 5vdc. The voltage of the output matches the voltage of the input. Call us at 1-866-243-2505 to see if Checkpoint™ can completely replace your application’s float switches.

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