Our “electronic water level controllers“, indicators, switches & probes are state-of-the-art water level controls with all electronics built into the sensor head, and no moving parts! These stainless steel sensing probes will work in any tank or water environment where you are currently using electronic water level sensors or float switches. Never replace float switches again with our revolutionary CheckPoint™ electronic water level controller.

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We now have a complete line of electronic level controls, level sensors, water level alarms, float switches, and other types of water level controllers. If you are a Sales Organization, Reseller, Distributor, or an OEM we would like to speak with you to determine a SPA pricing program for your individual organization please call 1-866-243-2505.


An electronic water level controller’s , also known as an electronic tank level controller switch, main function is to automatically control the water level inside a tank. Most electronic water level controllers use rods or sensors to check the water level to see if it is too high or too low. The sensors report back to a monitoring device that uses LED lights that turn off and on after high or low water level signals are processed. These signals can also be programmed to automatically turn on and off water pumps. If the sensor reads that the water levels are too high, the controller can be set to pump the water out of the tank. If the water is too low, the controller can be set to fill up the tank.

CheckPoint™ | Revolutionary Solutions For Electronic Water Level Sensing

Our electronic water level controllers are meant to replace your float switches for life! Our level sensors have all of the electronics built into the head and will never foul, plate, or deteriorate!

  • The CheckPoint™ is meant to be used with your own PLC (program logic control) system. The water level controller unit has electronics built into the head that use contacts to close and open when activated by the water level sensing probes. CheckPoint™ can send signals to your PLC to turn on or off water pumps, pressure switches, solenoids, or alarm switches. The CheckPoint™ water level controller comes in a variety of configurations to meet any application requirement.
  • The PVC or Steel housing that houses the floats (or probes), has all the electronics built into the head. The probes act as sensing rods and extend down from the fitting. The tips can be custom fitted to extend to where the water level sensor activates.
  • Customizable fittings for single or multi-probe applications, can be used in a variety of ways to mount inside vessels (in pressure tight or open styles). We can also customize the lengths of the probes to fit any depth requirement.

These single point or multi-point level sensors are made with stainless steel probes (electrodes) to prevent fouling and deterioration caused by bad make up water and corrosion. More probes allow for controlling of a variety functions in a smaller amount of space and with less expensive installation. We can help you custom create a electronic water level sensing system from our sensors, probes, and fittings. For OEM’s we can custom configure water level controls, sensors, and probe fittings to match your requirements for conductivity water control applications.


  • Our mounting system & water sensors can fit inside any water tank
  • Sensor Head is waterproof and sealed off from the elements
  • Electronics are all built into the head
  • Can be installed inside the water tank so that 0 heat tracing is needed
  • Can be installed in a PLC, directly into the (BMS) building management system, or in a 24 volt or less DC power supply
  • Uses LED lights to signal operation
  • CheckPoint™ works for any application where you currently use float switches
  • Meant to replace your float switches for life
  • Different output and input voltages for almost any application including 24vds, 12vdc, 5vdc

Our Electronic Water Level Switches Can Control Many Different Functions

Our electronic water level switches, water level controls, and liquid level controls can manage makeup water, turn on or off high and low level alarms, activate low water cutoff, and more.

Makeup Water Control

Our electronic water level controls regulate how much water is in the basin and manages the water level to ensure normal operating levels. The makeup water level controller controls a water solenoid valve remotely. When the water levels gets lower than a pre-set limit, the valve is activated to fill the water basin back to the normal operating level.

High & Low Water Level Alarms

Low and high water alarms are used to warn about incorrect operating levels. The alerts are sent to dry contacts that will light up LED alarm indicators to tell the system that corrective action is needed.

Low Water Cutoff

The low water cutoff is used to stop water pumps from pumping when lower than normal water levels are detected. The low water cutoff switch is used to shut off the pump when left unattended. This prevents costly pump repairs. Dry contacts can also be used with digital control systems or pilot duty controls to cause the shutdown of equipment that relies on water during low or no water situations.

Digital Display

Know where your tank levels are at all times with our digital water level sensors. LED indicator lights will tell you when corrective action is needed or can automatically turn on/off your water pumps.


No more worries! All of our controls are Built to Last with a Lifetime Warranty!