Oil Level Sensor Working Principle

Oil Level Sensor Working Principle

Oil Level Sensor Working Principle - Diagram

If you are searching for “oil level sensor working principle” or “oil level switch working principle” this guide should help! Here we explain the working principle of an oil level float switch with diagrams.

What Is An Oil Level Sensor?

An oil level sensor is basically a oil float switch or oil level controller that opens and closed circuits as oil levels rise or fall. This opening and closing circuits can be used to automatically turn oil pumps on or off.

How Do Oil Level Sensors Work?

Oil level sensors work the same way that traditional float switches work, except for they work with oil instead of water. Oil level sensors use magnetic reed switches, that are hermitically sealed in a stainless steel or plastic stem, to measure oil levels and automatically turn on or off oil pumps. The reed switch moves up and down the stem to open or break circuits (turn on or off oil pumps) according to oil levels rising and falling.

Once the oil in the tank reaches its lowest predetermined point (closed position) the reed switch will create a circuit and automatically send a signal to your pump to start filling your tank up with oil again. The magnetic reed switch will then open the circuit back up again (open position) once the oil level has reached maximum fill capacity.

1. Oil Levels Is Full – No Alarms Triggered

1. Oil Levels Is Full - No Alarms Triggered

No Alarms Triggered

2. Oil Level Is Low – Low Level Alarm Is Triggered

2. Oil Level Is Low - Low Level Alarm Is Triggered

Low Oil Level Alarm Triggered

3. Low Level Alarm Triggers Pump To Start Filling Oil

3. Pump Starts Filling Oil

Fill Start Triggered

4. Fill Stop Triggers Pump To Stop Filling Oil

4. Oil Level Has Return To Full Position

Fill Stop Triggered

Benefits Of Buying Oil Level Sensors From WaterLevelControls.com

  • We only use stainless steel stems so our oil level sensors never rust, foul or deteriorate
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  • Multiple power options 24vds, 12vdc, 5vdc

Water Level Controls Offers Many Level Sensing Solutions

Water Level Controls manufactures a large variety of fuel and oil tank level sensors using state-of-the-art technologies. Water Level Controls can design custom oil tank level switches for single point, multi-point, and visual liquid level indicators.

Our revolutionary oil level switches can be used with conductivity probes, switch floats, ultrasonic sensors and magnetostrictive probes.

Contact us today to find out how Water Level Controls plays a critical role within the Oil & Fuel sensor industry. We also sell automatic water level controllers, water level sensors for water tanks and other types of float switches for numerous applications.

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    We want furnace oil level sensor. When oil reaches particular level in a tank, the controller automatically switches on/off the motor. We want that type of sensor and controller.

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