Looking for affordable “liquid level control systems“? Water Level Controls offers the newest technology in the liquid level control industry with our new Checkpoint product. Same money overtime by never having to replace your float switches ever again! Read more below to learn about this new technology. We now have a complete line of water level sensors, water level detectors, water level float switches, and other types of water level controls. If you are a Sales Organization, Reseller, Distributor, or an OEM we would like to speak with you to determine a SPA pricing program for your individual organization please call 1 (866) 243-2505.

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Looking for affordable “liquid level control systems“? Water Level Controls offers the newest technology in the liquid level control industry with our new Checkpoint product. Same money overtime by never having to replace your float switches ever again! Read more below to learn about this new technology.

Our Checkpoint liquid level control system encompasses a new technology that’s never been seen before. We are now using an electronic sensor heads that harness several stainless steel probes, which are to be used as electronic liquid measurement tools. The sensor probes won’t foul, degrade, or plate like float switches or other liquid level controls do, no matter how bad the water quality is. The sensors are connected to controller head, which will run the software to find the water level and activate relays automatically. The relays can be connected to virtually any operation, but are mostly used for alarms (high and low alarms), fill valves and pumps. Each probe on the sensor head will be responsible for various functions. For instance, the Checkpoint control sensors will contain 1-6 probes that have the options of: shutting off the water heater, activating a high alarm or low alarm and/or turn off/on a fill valve etc. We also carry a complete lines of pump down controls as well. The various sensor types will contain different combinations of these types of functions and most and can be custom made to fit your application needs and requirements.


We use all solid state electronics in all of our controllers. This removes durability problems usually experienced by used off-the-shelf electrical parts. The only transferring elements within the new designs are the relays which may be tested and inexpensively replaced through any electrician or professional operator. This advanced modular layout removes the want to update the complete unit—creating widespread savings over the lifetime of the unit. Additionally, the strong state electronics allow the use of extremely low voltage (much less than 1 volt) controlled by means of software program. This happens to minimize deterioration of the sensor probes, mineral, fouling and rusting—considerably extending the beneficial existence of the digital water stage manipulate. The quality of water is not a hassle for Water Level Controls. Due to the fact we trust protection is a pinnacle priority, all of our merchandise are ETL indexed to the industrial Controls UL preferred 508.


Incorporated firmware (software) now controls all functions of the relays and the sensing probes. It enables operators to without problems confirm right operation with a simple visual scan of the LED lights related to each probe. The included firmware and dry-contact digital circuitry allows for quick connection of new electronic water stage controllers and easily connects with building automation structures for non-stop tracking. Here at Water Level Controls, we trust that there must be one simple technology to control/sense all the wet applications at a facility. All of our water level controls are similar in function, so mastering of 1 controller can show you how all of them perform. This makes long time preservation less complicated for the facility. Water Level Controls is a new technology to incorporate with Building Automation machine (BAS) connections. This feature allows the ability operator to electronically “see” all of your liquid levels and manage them problem-free. See it and control It! In some of the Water Level Controls, the devices they operate can be activated and deactivated thru the BAS – remote operations.


In a lot of cases, the entire lifetime price of operation and replacement parts for the brand new digital water level controller is less than that for the original “lavatory tank” flow design. The above advancements in technology and layout have removed the issues of bad durability because of fouling , deterioration, and pitting of the sensor probes. This vintage era created an excessive price of replacement of water level sensors inherent in the authentic electric-relay water level controls. The new electronic water level controllers incorporated with firmware now offer easy set up, little to no upkeep, superior overall performance and minimum price of operation for many years (a great deal longer than the lifecycle of old water level controls).

Never replace float switches of liquid level controls again with our state-of-the-art floatless water level controls.


The following capabilities are incorporated into all Water Level Control units. Whether or not you’re an engineer, distributor, technician or building maintenance manager, these are the key functions to look for when deciding on your next water level controller.

  • Solid State Electronics – No moving components or mechanical floats to interrupt or rust and will ensure problem-free upkeep and durability
  • Superior Modular Layout – Replace individual parts rather than replacing the entire unit
  • Dry-Contactor Digital Circuitry – Makes it simple to combine with current/existing building automation systems
  • Easy Installation – Saves time and requires less work it’s quick connection design (installation takes less than an hour)
  • LED Light Indication – LED light indication makes it easy to view the status of all of your liquid levels
  • “Press to check” function – One push of a button begins a whole validation cycle to ensure all systems are running properly
  • Reliable Accuracy – Manages water ranges to inside 1/8″ of operation range and compensates for wave action and
  • Made To Last – 15 year minimum duty cycle and within 1% failure rate
  • Warrantied – We offer a 5 year warranty on major components
  • Advanced Technical Support – No stupid answers, no runarounds, no guessing – find a company where you may talk with a person that’s been designing & installing electronic water level controllers for more than two decades


No more worries! All of our controls are Built to Last with a Lifetime Warranty!