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If you are searching for products related to swimming pool auto fill, pool water level controller, automatic pool water level leveler, or automatic pool filler, WaterLevelControls.Com can help! Never replace pool water level controls again with our revolutionary CheckPoint™ pool water level controller.

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Automatic Pool Water Level Control Systems

Our low cost Checkpoint Pool Water Level Managers CP1a-p INTEGRATE with all central pool control systems – Jandy*, Pentair*, Hayward*, and others.  A NEW AUTOMATIC POOL FILLER VALVE is included.

We have developed a REVOLUTIONARY sensor with an INTEGRATED MICROPROCESSOR that RELIABLY MAINTAINS THE PROPER WATER LEVEL in your POOL.  Checkpoint sensors do not foul, degrade, or plate no matter the water quality.

EASE of INSTALLATION and RELIABILITY are the benefits of using Checkpoint.   The pool control system operates the Checkpoint as an auxiliary device through a central pool control relay power circuit.  (Please see functional diagram below)

Benefits Of Our Swimming Pool Water Level

  • Ease Of Installation
  • Reliable
  • Doesn’t Rust, Foul or Deteriorate
  • Maintains proper water level
  • Saves you money by not wasting water
  • Enclosure is waterproof
  • Works for all pool water level control systems
  • All electronics built into the head with no moving parts
  • Auto fill pool after performing acid wash
  • Controls water levels in spas, ponds and pools

How Do Automatic Pool Water Level Control Sensors Work?

Pool water level control sensors work by using 2 rods that come into contact with the pool waters surface. The energized sensor rods close the water filler valve by making a circuit when both sensors are in contact with the water.

When the water level drops below one of the rods it opens up the circuit and turns on the automatic pool filler valve. The auto fill valve will stop filling again once both water level sensors are in contact with the pool water surface again. Most pool water level control systems use wires that will eventually become corroded and stop working.

Our auto pool water level controls sensors never rust, foul, deteriorate or become corroded because they are built with high quality stainless steel metal that performs well in any type of water.

Problems With Other Swimming Pool Auto Fill Systems

  • Most pool auto fill systems have many moving parts which can result in failures. Our pool water level sensors have 0 moving parts to avoid failures.
  • Some fill systems will over-fill the swimming pool due to floats getting stuck, which causes high water bills and other problems. Our sensors don’t have floats and use stainless steel sensors that never rust, foul or deteriorate.
  • Most units require deck destruction, our level controls are easy to install and don’t require destroying the area around your patio.
  • Cheap outsourced manufacturing means you receive a low quality product. We build all of our pool water level controls in-house at our manufacturing facility in Arizona, USA.
  • Some auto fill systems are controlled by a timer and fill still fill the water even if it’s already at the right height. Our swimming pool auto fills only work whenever the water drops below a predetermined point and automatically turn off once the water has reached the predetermined height.

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*All the brand names used above are the property of their respective owners and are in no way associated with System Dynamics, Inc or this Product Checkpoint.  CheckPoint is a trademark of System Dynamics, Inc. If you are interested in purchasing our revolutionary pool water level sensors give us a call today at 1 (866) 243-2505.

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