Pump & Lift Station Float Switches

Pump & Lift Station Float Switches


If you’re searching for “Pump Station Float Switches” or “Lift Station Float Switches” while looking for replacement float switches for industrial pumps, Water Level Controls can help! Waterlevel Controls PLC Systems for Pump Stations & Lift Stations are created for your unique project’s needs.

Checkpoint Water Level Sensor ELIMINATES the need for unreliable technology like float switches, pressure transducers, and ultrasound sensors. NO MORE MOVING PARTS IN WATER means NO MORE PROBLEMS.  Checkpoint runs on 5,12, or 24vdc and easily INTEGRATES with a PLC and SCADA SYSTEMS.

Our PLC systems allow you to combine the strengths of Waterlevel Controls unique sensing and control technology with any legacy sensing method your project requires.   The creates a uniquely reliable control system that no other manufacturer can offer.

Custom Designed Pump & Lift Station Float Switches

We will design your control system exactly as required, meeting UL standards.

Some of the features our customers have required:

  • SCADA interface
  • Web based remote monitoring
  • Text message push notifications
  • Redundant sensors
  • Lead/lag pump control
  • Alarm reset
  • Manual switching of multiple sensors
  • Delay timers
  • Adjustable water level set points
  • Adjustable time delays – Start / Stop
  • Maximum “off” time for pump(s)
  • System reset button
  • Manual pump control / bypass mode
  • Fault detection

Revolutionary Water Level Controls

We have developed a REVOLUTIONARY sensor with an INTEGRATED MICROPROCESSOR that RELIABLY MAINTAINS THE PROPER WATER LEVEL in your system.  Checkpoint(tm) sensor rods do not foul, degrade, or plate because of our UNIQUE water level monitoring system.

Specify Checkpoint when water level management is MISSION CRITICAL to the operation of your Customers system and your reputation Checkpointscan be trusted to operate properly over the long term for Duplex and Simplex Pump Down systems and many other applications.

There is a Checkpoint™ model to meet ALL water level management scenarios.  Please contact us today about your needs so we can match you with the right product. 1-866-243-2505 or sales@waterlevelcontrols.com

Advantages Of Using Our Pump & Lift Station Float Switches

Take a look at all of the advantages of choosing our high quality pump and lift station float switches:

  • Detection and sensing of many types of liquid
  • Used for alarms, pumps, indicators and other types of devices
  • The only all electric, solid-state lift and pump station float switch with no moving parts
  • Never replace your lift or pump station float switches again with our revolutionary switches
  • Never plates, fouls or deteriorates over its working life unlike other stainless steel float switches
  • Eliminates switch failure lift and pump stations
  • Won’t get contaminated by suspended effluents or solids
  • Outlasts and Outperforms mechanical float switches
  • Simple to install and lasts a lifetime
  • Compare price point & 1 Year Warranty
  • Set it & forget it

Ultra Fast Lift & Pump Station Prototypes – Mass Reproduction

Need a custom float switch designed and replicated over and over again? Count on Water Level Controls to reproduce fast prototypes when deadlines are on their way.

Our design team and engineers work closely together with our manufacturing team to shorten production times for mass prototype reproduction. Most of the time, we can design and build a prototype on-site within a few weeks and definitely in a shorter period of time than our other competitors.

We can either start with your own design or use our own. Water Level Controls can offer modeling and troubleshooting to fix component issues before mass prototype reproduction.

Why Choose Our Checkpoint™ Float Switches

  • Customized– Our pump and lift station float switches can be customized and designed specifically for your lift and pump station applications. Don’t need high or low level alarms and would rather be able to view your levels as percentages? We can customize and build your float switches to show you when your tank is 20%, 40%, 60%, 80%, and 100% full and more. Give us a call today to talk about custom pump and lift station float switches.
  • Power Options: Offering variable power options including: 24vds, 12vdc, 5vdc
  • Reliability– Water Level Control’s switches are manufactured in the USA using on the highest quality stainless steel so they won’t ever foul, rust or deteriorate like other float switches do. 
  • Built With Quality In Mind– We know that float switch failures mean downtime for your company and your customers. Count on WLC to deliver a high quality float switch to keep your operations running smoothly year round.
  • Solutions For All Applications– Water Level Controls provides a large variety of float switches for any lift or pump station requirements. Need float switches to handle heat applications or extreme pressure? We can do that too!
  • Expert Technical Support– Our network of educated technical support reps can help you customize, troubleshoot and design float switches specifically for your lift and pump station applications.

Pump & Lift Station Float Switch Applications

Our pump and lift station float switches work for many applications and can be used in the following situations including:

  • Pumping liquid from one location to the next
  • Replaces mechanical float switches 
  • Simplex or duplex pump down systems with high alarms
  • Pumping solids up to 2″ in diameter
  • Detection of liquid levels 
  • Automatic control liquid and water levels
  • Can be used for alarms, indicators and other types of devices

Shop Checkpoint™ Float Switches Below Or Give Us A Call

Shop our product list of pump & lift station float switches below, give us a call today for questions or get custom ordering at 1-866-243-2505. See how much money you can save with Maintenance Repair Overhaul purchases! sales@waterlevelcontrols.com

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