Custom Touch Screen PLC Control Panel

Custom PLC control panels for your application needs. Checkpoint controls with a PLC system will meet the needs of any water level management application – pump up, pump down or dewatering application. In addition, Checkpoint Controls Custom PLC systems allow for use of any water level sensor type:

1. Checkpoint
2. Ultrasound
3. Pressure transducers
4. Capacitive


These can be set up with two sensing technologies into one panel, using one as a supplement to another or as a redundant water level sensor. PLCs are a powerful, yet simple, user interface to manually override the automatic Checkpoint Controls, provide dry contacts to the Building Automation or SCADA using an intuitive touch screen system. The PLC HMI screen can provide a visual status of system operation and/or perform many other powerful control activities. Whatever a project’s needs, Checkpoint controls Custom PLC systems can be created to match the specification of your unique project. Please contact us with specifics about your project and we will present a control system that will meet your requirements with HMI that will be easy to operate.


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