The best way to use a Checkpoint system is with an existing power supply that already exists onsite or with the power modules in a Control panel onsite.  Whenever that is not available this Power center and controls has three outputs for every switch point, LED light, High voltage relay and a low voltage relay.  Whenever, there is not a power supply that already exists and you need the enclosure you should choose this panel and controls to operate the checkpoint you have selected. It is color coded and easy to install.  It is a universal controller and will operate any of the checkpoint series controls as a stand alone product.  The panel is a NEMA4X enclosure and can be mounted indoors or outdoors.  There are four relays which are NC & NO (SPDT) contacts rated 30AMPS at 110VAC. The panel is pre-wired so all you need to do is add the checkpoint wires intot he color coded terminal block.


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